Nightmare Manual

So last night I, the Gorgonmilk, had a REM encounter with what can only be described as a Shark Dragon. Or maybe a Shargon. It happened like this: My dream-self wandered near a deep pool surrounded by barbed wire. I made the mistake of climbing over the barrier. Maybe I was thirsty. The pool, it turns out, was occupied by a weird beast. The thing surfaced as soon as I was near the water. It was like a massive tentacle tipped with a particularly ugly shark-like head, extending from a huge and crusty nautilus shell. The thing seemed less interested in eating me than keeping me there, inside the confines of its fenced pond. Mostly it threatened me with its enormous mouth. I managed to escape when another fool wandered his way over the barbed wire fence and thus became a new target for the Shargon's attentions.



Community Project: D12 Sources of Magical Energy

Briefly: A random table of magical founts whence a magic-user derives his or her power. These Sources are persons/places/things that radiate raw, mystical and idiosyncratic forms of magical energy (or phlogiston). The magic-user draws power from a Source like the mosquito that draws blood from a larger form of life.

1. Contribute by commenting to this post.

2. Name and describe your Source and tell where it might be found (physically or otherwise).

3. Provide us with an example of a spell, ritual or other magical effect that your Source could provide the energy for.

4. Also provide us with a link to your blog.

D12 Roll
Ziggurat of Zeerthos
The Fallen Star
 The 37th Stone of Aea
The Iron Heart
The Tail'ngs
The Seven Syrinxes of the Sylphs

The Gibbering Sea

Kourous Sarkophagus
The Living Chasm
Dyson Logos

3. The 37th Stone of Aea: A massive, sentient pylon floating in the Black Spiral Refuge. Magic-users who sleep upon its damp, mossy surface can telepathically enter the mind of of the stone and access its (possibly limitless) memories. These memories include a vast archive of eldritch and potentially perilous magics. Magic-users must be wary of the phantoms that haunt the stone’s mind. Delving too deep and running afoul of one of these figments could render the magic-user a mindless husk. Phantoms trade such husks and use them as “clothing” to enter the Material Plane. SPELL: Contemplation of the Boundaries of Physical Forms (6th). By means of this spell the magic-user can absorb other creatures into his or her body, often leading to grotesque results. Absorption includes the memories and knowledge of the target. A successful save indicates that the target is constitutionally incompatible with the magic-user – in which case both parties take 1d6 points of damage. [G. Gorgonmilk]



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Lo-Fi Sound Installment

ARTIST: File Not Found TRACK: "Give Me a Sign" YEAR: 2005 ARTIST: Martial Canterel TRACK: "Borders Crossed" YEAR: 2012 ARTIST: Diamond Vampires TRACK: "Hungry Wives" YEAR: 2008? ARTIST: Washed Out TRACK: "Olivia" YEAR: 2009 ARTIST: Pink Industry TRACK: "What I Wouldn't Give" YEAR: 1985

Scanned: Wyrdworld 3 (1980)

Old school pamphlet from Ragnarok Enterprises scanned & cleaned up for your perusal. (Tome of Treasures)